No Pressure. No Judgment. Just Help.

Finding yourself in an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and carry with it a range of emotions.

We want to help you understand all your options because we believe you deserve to be empowered with knowledge so you can make the right choice for you and your baby. 

Where do I start?

No Pressure

Our staff has many years of experience walking with women who are in a similar place, and we want to walk the journey with you, not just during your pregnancy, but for life. You do not have to be alone. We will never pressure you to choose adoption. Instead, you will find someone willing to listen to your thoughts, fears, desires and dreams for the child you are carrying. If adoption is not your choice, we are hopeful we can connect you to needed resources.

No Judgment

If you decide adoption is best for you and your baby, we will help you every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family you feel is best for your child and can meet them if you desire. There are many options for open adoption and we can talk through each of them with you. You have the power to make the decisions in the adoption process and we are here to help support and advocate for you.

Just Help

Please know you do not have to make this journey alone. We are here for you and want to support you. We can text, talk on the phone, or meet in person either at our office or at a location that is convenient for you anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. Contact us today by calling (405) 397-3140 or email us.


Creating An Adoption Plan With DPA

We know the adoption process can be daunting and you’ll have many questions.  We want you to know that you are the boss of this process and it’s never too late to make an adoption plan.  Check out our step-by-step guide below.  We are happy to meet with you to answer any questions so you can make an informed decision for you and your baby.

Step 1

First Meeting

We will meet you anywhere that is convenient and walk you through the process.

Step 2


We will help you walk through the necessary paperwork.

Step 3

Choosing a family

We will show you profiles of our waiting families and you can select the family that is best for you.

Step 4

Meeting Your Family

We will be with you as you meet the family you’ve chosen to ensure you are feeling comfortable and ready.

Step 5


If you need help finding a doctor or you need transportation to appointments, we’re here for you.

Step 6


You can design your birth plan and decide who is at the hospital and how much time you want with your baby.

Step 7

Hospital Discharge

The baby will go home from the hospital with the adoptive family you’ve chosen.

Step 8

Legal Process

We will set up the required court hearing and provide an attorney for you in the relinquishment of your rights.

Step 9

Lifelong Care

We’re not going anywhere. We want to support you in the days and years following placement. Support groups, retreats, and birth mother events are held throughout the year.