What is embryo adoption?

Throughout our 120 years of experience in adoption, many lessons have been learned about best practices, how to provide the highest level of support, and what questions and issues can arise lifelong for all members of the adoption triad.

With that knowledge and experience, we have launched embryo adoption services to serve those who are looking to adopt embryos and carry them through pregnancy.

This new avenue of adoption has grown in popularity in fertility clinics and agencies around the country as an option for families who have struggled achieving pregnancy but are able to safely carry a child to term.  For those who have participated in assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), there are decisions to be made if there are additional embryos once the couple has finished growing their family.  Some couples choose to cryopreserve their embryos and may not realize there is another option available through adoption.

You may be exploring options for growing or creating your family and embryo adoption may be the right fit for you. Currently, embryo adoption is available in a select few agency settings around the country or through fertility clinics.  Our desire in offering these services is to bring our historical adoption knowledge and provide a high level of support to all involved throughout the process.

We offer comprehensive adoption services including pre-placement training, home study services, mediation of openness, and post-adoption support that encompasses ongoing events, counseling, and resources.  Open adoption may be a new concept for families exploring adoption and we want to help families understand the why and the how of openness in the context of embryo adoption.  We also recognize families often have questions and concerns about the financial risk of adoption.

Our staff are ready to help you process all of these questions and more and walk with you as you look to create or grow your family through adoption.

Embryo Adoption Process

We know the adoption process can be daunting and you’ll have many questions. Check out our step-by-step guide below. We are happy to offer a free agency orientation as well to help you understand the steps of the process.


  • Application: Complete application documents and receive medical clearance to participate.
  • Training: Once approved, attend required pre-placement training.
  • Home Study: Complete home study paperwork, background checks, and interviews.
  • Waiting Begins: Become a waiting family.
  • Chosen: Be chosen by a donor family and matched for legal transfer.
  • Legal Process: Legal transfer of embryo(s) will be completed with the court.
  • Embryo Transfer: Work with a fertility clinic to have embryo(s) transferred and implanted.
  • Pregnancy: When transfer is successful, pregnancy can occur.
  • Post-PlacementDPA provides ongoing support throughout first year of life and beyond.