Meet Tim & Stephanie

“You love your child and are looking for the best future for them. We are cheering for you as you read, that you will find joy and peace."
Tim & Stephanie

Dear Expectant Mother,

You could be anywhere today, but you are here and you are reading this.  Thank you.  This means you love your child and are looking for the best future for them. We are cheering for you as you read, that you will find joy and peace.

I am Stephanie. My husband’s name is Tim. Tim has a background in computers.  A few years ago, he started working with my dad at his small family business. Tim is in charge of IT and management. Outside of work, Tim likes to play boardgames, go cycling on the trails around town, and do woodworking projects. He’s a great dad who often lets our kids Emmitt and Grace join him in the fun. I love my job as a high school teacher at the local career tech school.  I also enjoy knitting, coffee, and having our family do silly things like wear matching pj’s for Christmas.  While Tim likes to ride the trails, I enjoy walking them with our kids and our dog Ranger. Let me tell you a little about each of them!

Our son Emmitt is 8 and our daughter Grace is 6.  Emmitt is a big fan of science and pokemon!  He is great at Legos – the small ones and the big ones. Grace loves to color, play with play-doh, and dig in the dirt. She is little, but she keeps up with big brother and friends when they all ride bikes together or play games.  Both Emmitt and Grace are learning Spanish at school.  In fact, their teachers spend half the day speaking in Spanish and half the day speaking in English. We think it’s really neat that our kids can become bilingual at school! Our dog Ranger is half lab.  He’s black with a white stripe on his chest.  He loves to nap by the fireplace and to sniff around the yard for squirrels.  His favorite food is peanut butter. 

We do a lot of things together, because being together is important to us.  We want our kids to know that home is safe, fun, and loving no matter what else might happen.  The kids enjoy cooking with us.  Emmitt even got to plan and cook a whole dinner! Grace loves to help bake.  She’s really good at measuring the flour for recipes.  They like to help with building projects like our picnic table on our back patio.  We like to go on adventures around town to see the trails or go to the park. One of our favorite trips is going to visit family in Texas. Grace and Emmitt love to swim in grandpa and grandma’s pool!  Sometimes, we get to go on a bigger adventure. Camping is fun because we can see rivers and lay down in hammocks! One time we surprised the kids with a trip to the beach.  We left at 4am, buckling them in while they were still sleeping in their pajamas.  They were so surprised to find out we were going to the beach!

There is so much more that makes up our family.  We have aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents near us that add to our joy.  Our biggest commitment as mom and dad is to make sure each child is known and loved in our home. If you decide that our family is a fit for your child whom you love so much, we want you to know that we are open to contact.  We don’t want to force anything on you.  You are already making very hard choices.  It can’t be easy.  We want to help you and help our adopted child to know that life is growing and everyone is thriving. We want you as the birth parent to feel confident with your choices and your future. 

We are praying for you as you make your decisions.  Thank you for spending a few minutes with us!


Tim, Stephanie, Emmitt, & Grace