Support Groups

We will always be available for those who need a listening ear or as a place for those searching for answers. Our support group offerings throughout the year are geared to meet the needs of many parts of the adoption triad.

Services to birth mothers include a quarterly support group and annual birth mother retreat.  If you placed through Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption (DPA) and do not currently receive mailed or emailed correspondence, please contact us today to insure we have your current information.  If you did not place through our agency but are interested in participating, one of our staff will be happy to meet with you and hear your story.  If a support group is not the right fit for you, our staff are always available to meet one-on-one or help connect you with another birth mother.  You are not alone.

Support groups are also offered on an ongoing basis for multi-racial adoptive families that have received placement through DPA.  This group is focused on allowing families to have a place to connect, ask questions, and gain information.  It is offered in a virtual format to allow families to participate from anywhere. 

For those who have gone through the search and reunion process, a once-a-year event is held to connect with other adoptees and birth parents to celebrate and process all the emotions and experiences of a reunion.  If you did not work with DPA for your adoption and reunion but are interested in the group, please contact us and a staff member can talk with you about participation.

Special Events

Special events are held throughout the year for those who have worked with Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption.  If you do not receive correspondence about these events, please contact us to insure we have current information.  Please see our Events for dates of upcoming events.

DPA Adult Adoptee Contact Form

Our desire at DPA is to provide lifelong support to all involved. We would love to stay in touch with those adopted through our agency and provide support and a place for you to build community with other adopted individuals. Please fill out our contact form below so we can keep you informed of future events!

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