Search and Reunion

We truly believe adoption is a lifelong journey and we want to help support you through it.

Throughout the last 120 years, many have passed through our doors.  Some remember us as the Oklahoma Rescue Home, others, The Home of Redeeming Love.  All are important to us!  We understand that many adoptees and birth parents have unanswered questions or may want to visit their roots.  We also recognize those decisions involve an array of emotions including joy, confusion, relief, uncertainty, and hope.  You do not have to navigate this process alone.  We consider it a privilege to help you through our search and reunion services.


Looking for a parent or child?

Confidential Intermediary Search

For those desiring to locate a child they placed or to search for their birth parents, we offer a Confidential Intermediary service.  As a Confidential Intermediary, our staff will procure information from our archived records to conduct a search for the other party.  If located, we will make contact and see if the person is interested in a reunion.  If all parties are interested, we will help facilitate contact between the parties in the initial stages and ongoing as needed.  There is no guarantee we will be able to locate the other party or that a reunion will occur, but we will always provide support to anyone interested in this process.

Mutual Consent Registry

Another option for those who are not wanting to do an active search is our Mutual Consent Registry.  In this service, the initiating party (adoptee or birth parent age 18 or over) completes a Waiver of Confidentiality.  In the event the other party also completes a Waiver, a reunion will be facilitated, even if it is many years down the line.  If the other party does not complete the form, no attempt to search is made.

Releasing Search And Reunion Information

Please note that information can only be released to members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, or the adoptee) and biological family members.  If you are a biological relative of the child placed for adoption, you must have written, notarized consent from one of the birth parents who placed the child for adoption, and proof of relationship, before a search can be conducted.  If the member of the adoption triad is deceased, a copy of a death certificate must be provided.

There are nominal fees associated with these services.  If you need financial assistance with any of the search and reunion services, we may have grant funds available.  Grants are awarded on the basis of the household’s gross income.  To be considered, please include a copy of your most recent tax return and a short letter explaining your situation along with your search and reunion request.