Non-Identifying Information

Many adoptees desire to have information about their health history and social factors of their birth family. If your adoption was completed through Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption, records have been maintained.

You are able to request a non-identifying sheet that will provide you with the information given at the time you were placed for adoption.  This will include any medical conditions known and general health history of your birth family as well as factors, such as the hair and eye color, nationality, and occupation of birth relatives.  To obtain this information, please complete and return the Consent for Release of Non-Identifying Information. 

There is a nominal fee associated with this service.  If you need financial assistance, we may have grant funds available.  Grants are awarded on the basis of the household’s gross income.  To be considered, please include a copy of your most recent tax return and a short letter explaining your situation along with your search and reunion request. 
Please note that information can only be released to the adoptee, adoptive parents (if adoptee is under 18), and biological family members.  If the adoptee is deceased and you are a direct descendant, a copy of a death certificate and evidence of descendancy must be provided.