Meet Nathan & Kathryn

“We believe the Lord will place you and your baby with the perfect family, and we pray He will comfort and guide you in this decision.”
Nathan & Kathryn

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! We recognize you are reading this letter because you are bravely choosing an adoption plan and are considering us as potential adoptive parents for your precious child. You are so special to us already, and we can’t imagine the courageous road you are walking. We believe the Lord will place you and your baby with the perfect family, and we pray He will comfort and guide you in this decision.

We are Nathan and Kathryn! We first met and fell in love in our hometown church and have since been inseparable since. Nathan has a career as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer and graduated from OSU. Kathryn graduated from OU College of Dentistry with her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and currently works as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

We are both very excited to become parents and patiently wait to see what God has for our family. When first married, we both felt the call to adoption. After discovering our infertility diagnosis, we knew God was preparing our hearts for adoption years prior. We have greatly enjoyed putting a nursery together in our home, buying all the fun little things, and preparing our lives for a baby.

As a couple, we enjoy quiet nights at home playing games, working in our flower beds, hiking, traveling, doing DIY projects, or grabbing dinner with family or friends. We love to watch movies together. Some of our favorite movies/genres are, anything Marvel, Comedies, Star Wars, and many more! When not too hot, the Zoo is a favorite attraction of ours as well! Our doggy Piper likes to snuggle, take long walks, and play fetch in her free time. She is happy as long as she is with us.

Our families live close and are very involved in one another’s lives. Our future child will be part of a close-knit family of both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who love them so much already. We especially love spending time with our niece and nephews; they are our pride and joy. Family is the most important thing to us. We enjoy spending time with Kathryn’s family at their farms or with Nathan’s family playing games and hanging out.

Growing up, Nathan enjoyed playing sports and Kathryn showed horses/livestock. We can’t wait to share these memories and experiences with our child someday! We both appreciate a good cup of coffee in the morning, and our guilty pleasure is ordering pizza way too often! Individually and as a couple, we are grounded in our lives but can also be spontaneous. Most of all, we love to laugh, and we laugh a lot.

We hope to have a close relationship with you and honor you in raising this child. We will love your baby more than anything. We understand that it is your call on how open you would like to be. We respect any decision you make, whether to be open or not at any time. We are happy to share photos, milestones, quality time, and memories. Openness and communication will always be a priority in raising this precious child to know you and their legacy.

Again, thank you so much for considering us for such a special role in you and your baby’s lives! We are honored to be in this position and do not take it lightly. We already love and pray for you and your baby SO much and can’t wait to meet you. Every life is a gift from God, and we are humbled that you may choose us to share this gift of life and family. We patiently wait for God to place you in our lives and hope to meet you soon!

With love,

Nathan & Kathryn