Meet Nathan & Kathryn

“We believe the Lord will place you and your baby with the perfect family and we pray He will comfort and guide you in this decision.”
Nathan & Kathryn

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! We recognize you are reading this letter because you are bravely choosing an adoption plan and are considering us as potential adoptive parents to your precious child. You are so special to us already and we can’t imagine the courageous road you are walking. We believe the Lord will place you and your baby with the perfect family and we pray He will comfort and guide you in this decision.

We are Nathan and Kathryn! We first met and fell in love in our hometown church and have been inseparable since. Nathan works as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer and graduated from OSU in 2016. Kathryn graduated from OU College of Dentistry in 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. Kathryn currently works as a dental hygienist and plans to be a stay home mom once we become parents. When first married, we both felt the call to adoption. After finding out our infertility diagnosis, we knew God had been preparing our hearts for adoption years prior.

As Christ followers, we know how important church involvement is and we have a wonderful church family that we love. Our church places an emphasis on Godly parenting, raising children in the church, and surrounding them with a community of encouraging friendships. Our church has been dedicated to praying for us through this journey as well as for you and your baby!

 As a couple, we enjoy quiet nights at home playing games, hiking, traveling, walks with our dog, working on a project, or grabbing dinner with family or friends. Both of our families live close and are very involved in one another’s lives. Our future child will be part of a close-knit family of both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who love them so much already.

Our hope is to have a close relationship with you and to honor you in raising your child. We understand it may be your decision to take a step back at times or choose to be more involved, and we will support you in both. We are happy to share photos, milestones, quality time, and memories. Openness and communication will always be a priority in raising this precious child to know you and their legacy.

Again, thank you so much for considering us for such a special role in you and your baby’s lives! We are honored to be in this position and do not take it lightly. We love and pray for you and your baby SO much already and we can’t wait to meet you. Every life is a gift from God and we are so very humbled that you may choose us to share this gift of life and family with. We patiently wait for God to place you in our lives and hope to meet you soon!

With love,

Nathan & Kathryn