Meet Nate & Bekah

“We cannot begin to imagine all your thoughts and feelings in this moment as you spend time choosing a family for your baby, but we want you to know that this does not mean the end of your connection to your baby."
Nate & Bekah

Dear Expectant Mother,

We want you to know from the beginning that we believe that you are one of the most courageous and strong women in choosing life for your baby. We pray as you read this letter that you are overcome with the sense of peace and confidence in knowing that our Creator has brought you to this very moment because He has a plan in all of this, and that plan is for good.

We cannot begin to imagine all your thoughts and feelings in this moment as you spend time choosing a family for your baby, but we want you to know that this does not mean the end of your connection to your baby. Should you choose, we are hoping for openness in this adoption, where your baby will always have knowledge about you and his or her birth family and you would be able to visit them as they grow. Because you would be giving us the most incredible and selfless gift, we are committed to doing our part in supplying as many emails, photos, and videos as you’d like, and will lovingly support you if you need time before making these and other steps. One thing we promise is that this baby will always know how much you love them and what a gift their life is to all of us. We believe in the immense value of connection to you and their story and will never diminish the sacrifice you are making for them out of pure love.

My name is Bekah and my husband’s name is Nate. We have two biological daughters, Claire and Charlotte, and have chosen to step out in faith to the calling of adoption that God has placed on our hearts. Both Nate and I grew up in Northern Oklahoma, meeting when we went to college in 2008. By December of 2010, he and I were married and starting our lives together. We spent the first five years of marriage, just the two of us, while we finished school and began our careers. Then, when it came time to start a family, he and I always said we hoped to have three children. Through God’s grace alone, we were brought two beautiful daughters, one in 2015 and the other in 2018. Both of my pregnancies were high-risk, and our daughters struggled to grow. Despite this, God brought them safely to us and they have been the most tremendous blessings we could have ever hoped for. 

As a couple, we have prayed and spoken at length throughout our marriage about adoption, a hope God placed on my heart while holding a precious baby boy in a Romanian orphanage at age 16.  I continued to pray that God would place adoption on Nate’s heart when it was time for us to move forward, and in spring of 2021, Nate told me that he felt God calling us to complete our family through adoption. Together, we began to pray for you and for our future son or daughter.

Claire and Charlotte are now seven and four years old. Claire is confident, sweet, caring and oh so smart and Charlotte is funny, feisty, and loves people so well. Our daughters are thrilled at the thought of a new sibling to love, and they have already made so many plans for “when the baby comes” and what he or she will be like. Adoption has truly become a family-wide desire of our hearts.

Both Nate and myself are close to our families. Most of them, including our parents, live within 20 minutes of us. Our parents love our children endlessly. While Nate only has one younger brother with no children, my family is much larger. I have three older brothers, and we have 8 nieces and nephews between the ages of 4 & 15 years old.

Nate and I truly love spending time together as a family unit—those are our favorite days. In the summertime we love going to parks, splash-pads, and the zoo. In the fall we enjoy pumpkin patches and family walks, and in the winter, we spend time together inside playing games, baking cookies, or driving around looking at Christmas lights. The girls and I love to bake, do arts and crafts, and garden together. I love to throw fun birthday parties and we celebrate every obscure holiday we can – just because! Nate and the girls will often play games together outside and they “workout” with him most nights of the week too, because he truly has the gift of making anything fun. 

Nate works as a Physical Therapist Assistant, and I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse. We love our fields of work because we are able to help others in both of them. Claire is in second grade at a private Christian school and Charlotte will start Pre-K in the fall at the same school. If you choose us as a family for your sweet baby, our intentions are to continue to send each child to this school. Because I am a nurse, I have the blessing of working three dayshifts/week which means my children only need to have outside childcare 1 to 3 days each week, and Nate & I get to personally be with them otherwise. Nate and I are a part of a local Christ-centered church that values children and children’s ministry. Nate and I teach Sunday school weekly, and he also plays in the worship band on Sundays. Our daughters love going to practice with him on Sunday mornings and have a full and confident sense of belonging, which we pray never fades.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our family. We hope it has given you a sense of peace as you consider choosing us as an adoptive family. We want you to know that we have been praying for you and for your baby long before this moment, and we promise to continue to do so each and every day.                                       


 With Love,

 Bekah, Nate, Claire & Charlotte