Meet Kyle & Melinda

“We are thrilled you are even considering us for the family of your precious child. The strength and courage you are displaying for your baby is amazing."
Kyle & Melinda

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are thrilled you are even considering us for the family of your precious child. The strength and courage you are displaying for your baby is amazing.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Kyle and Melinda. We met in high school and began dating in 2005. We went to college in Texas where Kyle got a degree in accounting and Melinda got a degree in mathematics. We got married in 2009 and stayed in Texas for a few years. In 2012 we moved to Oklahoma City to be closer to our families. Melinda’s sister and parents, as well as Kyle’s grandparents all live in the OKC Metro area. Kyle’s parents also come to visit Oklahoma City often.

Last year we were blessed when Melinda gave birth to our little girl named Mabel. She is a very playful and cheerful baby with a huge personality. We love to play together, read books, listen and dance to music, and then enjoy ending every day by sitting in our driveway to wave at cars as they drive by. It is so much fun to watch her try and learn new things, and to celebrate with her every time she makes a new accomplishment. We are very excited that we have the opportunity to have children so close in age and for Mabel to have a sibling she can play and grow with.

Kyle works as an accountant for a local company and Melinda works part-time at our church as the business administrator as well as being lucky enough to be a full-time stay at home mom. We are very involved at our church and very rarely miss a Sunday. We love to just hang out at home most days, playing with Mabel or having some friends over for company. We enjoy playing board games, going walking and hiking, watching movies (the more talking animals, the better!), and visiting museums. We have two cats that entertain us endlessly.

Kyle enjoys playing with Mabel as soon as he gets home from work every day. He relaxes by playing video games after Mabel goes to bed and enjoys catching a Thunder game. He is patient, kind, and compassionate. Melinda enjoys all types of crafts (sewing, crocheting, and cross stitching), walking, and spending the day with Mabel.  She is organized, witty, and keeps our household running smoothly. Melinda has always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and her current job with our church allows her to be at home during the day. We plan to always have one parent at home with our children until they are older.

We have discussed having a family since before we were married. We were open to adoption then and now feel that adoption is the way God is calling us. Our journey to growing our family has taken us on a roller coaster over the past few years. We had trouble having biological children, and decided God was calling us to venture into the world of adoption. We had a disrupted adoption in 2018 and then found out we were pregnant with our daughter in 2019 after we were ready to try to adopt again. Even after a disrupted adoption and the birth of our daughter, we know God is still calling us to adopt and we are excited to see the child and family He is calling us to.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience and life with you. We want to be there to support you throughout this process and are excited to grow our relationship with you as your child grows as well. We look forward to getting to visit you a few times a year and share letters, emails, pictures, and craft projects as your child grows. You will always be a part of our family. You mean so much to us and we could not be here without you making this decision.

We thank you once again for the opportunity to be considered to be the family for your baby. We have been praying relentlessly for you. We know that God has the perfect birth family and child for us and we hope it is you!

With love,

Kyle and Melinda