Meet Kristian & Samantha

“We applaud your faith and courage to decide to give your child life and hope through adoption into a family.”
Kristian & Samantha

Dear Parents,

We are beyond excited to be considered for adoption of your child. We know that it has probably been a stressful and exciting process getting to this point. We applaud your faith and courage to decide to give your child life and hope through adoption into a family. We are beyond blessed that you are reading our letter. Whether our family is a good match for your child or not, we pray that God will lead you and your child to a perfect home.

    We are both teachers and coaches in the Tulsa area. We teach math and PE while also volunteering/ directing an after-school program for students in need. We also coach softball, football, and track. We met and graduated from Southern Nazarene University where we played softball and football. We love students. Kids are our entire life. We want to see them grow spiritually, know that they are loved, and find their identity in Christ. God is the center of everything we do. 

He even called us to adopt. Even before we got married, we knew we were going to adopt. I (Samantha) had a foster brother growing up and knew that giving new life to a child is one of the most amazing experiences. We had a dream of children of all backgrounds and races filling the rooms of our home. We decided that we were going to start having children and adopting when we finished building our house in 2020. 

This year, through a series of tests, we found out that we have a 3% chance of getting pregnant. We were heart-broken, but we trust God’s plan above our own. We had an opportunity to do infertility treatments, but we felt God’s call to adoption instead. We are so excited to see God’s plan unfold. 

Our lives will change dramatically when we adopt. We are fully ready to step back from some of the jobs and ministries that we help with to raise a family. I plan to become a stay at home mom. Our parents also live on the same property and they are ready to be grandparents and take care of our baby. 

We would also like to have a relationship with you. We know it is extremely important for any child to stay connected to their parents. We want to adopt you into the family as well. We would love to get to know you and allow you to have flexibility with your relationship with your baby. We would love to exchange information if you choose us. However, we want you to feel comfortable choosing your involvement in the adoption. We will be comfortable with whatever you are comfortable with. 

We look forward to meeting you. God chose to love us, so we are committed to loving all people and children. Children are a blessing from God and we pray that God will allow us to love and adopt a child. Thank you for considering us for adoption. 


Samantha and Kristian