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Your donations ensure that DPA is able to help those we serve by providing assistance to women facing unexpected pregnancies, couples seeking to create or grow their family through the gift of adoption, and all those touched by adoption, foster care, infertility, or attachment issues through our counseling center.

Often our work can feel intangible as our primary focus is always on relationships.  Regardless of who we come in contact with, we are committed to providing support and resources to ALL who seek our assistance.  Here’s a brief snapshot of how we spend our days:

  • Driving across our state to visit with an expectant mother
  • Holding a birth mother’s hand while she is delivering her baby
  • Sitting with birth mothers during their grief and celebrating their joys
  • Reuniting adult adoptees with their birth parents
  • Assisting families during the adoption or foster care process with our knowledge of the complex adoption and foster care system
  • Providing counseling services to those looking for hope and healing

We are committed to continue providing intangible services and serving our families, our community, and our state for generations to come! Thank you for partnering with us!

Your gift makes an impact!

Our By The Numbers data shows what your donations allowed us to be a part of in 2022.

David Quirk

For any questions or comments, please contact our Development Specialist, David Quirk, at (405) 949-4200 or