Meet John & Ashlee

“We wholly respect you and are in complete awe of what this must take!“
John & Ashlee

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are truly grateful. It would be our greatest honor and joy to be considered by you to unconditionally love and raise your baby. We cannot imagine what all you might be going through and the courage and strength it takes to consider adoption. We wholly respect you and are in complete awe of what this must take!

We would love to hear your story and get to know you! Our relationship with you can be as flexible and open as you are comfortable with. We want this adoption to be what is best for you and your baby and we care deeply about your thoughts and feelings on what that looks like. We are happy to send pictures and videos as well as write to you and let you know how the baby is doing. We are also open to multiple visits a year. We do understand if these things aren’t your desires and we will fully respect what your wishes are. There will be no pressure from us in any way!

Ashlee had to overcome quite a bit of adversity in her life as times were really hard growing up. She ended up getting her GED and enrolled in college. She graduated from The University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Nursing. She became a Registered Nurse in 2009 and spent most of her career as a travel nurse in the Emergency Department and Post-Partum. Recently, we received the official diagnosis of Infertility. While this was hard to accept and we have grieved, we are filled with hope that God has always had a beautiful plan through adoption. We are elated that this plan might include you!

John grew up in Norman with his sister! He went to college in Missouri where he played soccer and graduated with degree in Finance and is currently in banking. He has played and coached soccer his whole life and cannot wait to raise a little soccer player! He loves to travel and explore new places. He has a passion for helping people exceed their own expectations of life. It drives him every day! He just loves helping people achieve their dreams. John loves to be active and try new things.

We love to go to our nieces and nephews’ games as well as have them over to our house to do silly things like make-up dances! Ashlee has two adopted nephews and one adopted niece. John has one adopted niece. We believe it has been the most incredible journey to add to our family through adoption! We think it is truly special that your baby will have four adopted cousins to journey through life with! We love our adopted nieces and nephews so much that we never think of them as “adopted”. To us, they are loved completely unconditionally!

We have both wanted to adopt long before ever meeting. It has always been a desire for us to grow our family through adoption despite receiving an infertility diagnosis. We have been praying about this for a very long time!

We know life can have its ups and downs but we try to have as much fun in life as possible!!! We love to go on adventures even if it’s just to go to Target. We laugh A LOT and plan to keep on laughing as we become parents!

We would be extremely blessed to have the opportunity to adopt your baby and with every waking day do our absolute best to show him/her that they are loved beyond measure and can do whatever they set out to do in life! Thank you so much for taking this time to learn about us!

With so much love,
John & Ashlee