Meet Joe & Jen

“The bravest thing a parent could do is place her baby with another family.“
Joe & Jen

Dear Expectant Mother,

The bravest thing a parent could do is place her baby with another family. When we think about the best gift that we could receive in our lives, it would be the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and lavish our love upon another child.

We have been married since 2012. During that time, we’ve had good things and bad things happen to us.  We thought we would be able to have biological children when we married, but that has not been possible for us.  We haven’t been able to get pregnant and that has been really hard for us because of how much we want a bigger family.

Even though it’s been hard, it has made us closer to each other than we were before.  It has helped us to become better people and has made even more room in our hearts for love.  We are asking you to give us that chance, if you think we would be the right parents for your child.

We have worked with Deaconess Adoption before and have a beautiful little girl, Tabitha.   She is a tremendous blessing to our lives and has filled our home with so much joy.  We are certain she would be the best big sister!

Joe is a doctor and cares a lot about his patients.  He knows he is helping people during some of the hardest times in life, so he studies hard to know the right thing they need.  He loves his job and works very hard to be a good doctor.  In his free time, he leads a group for Catholic doctors to help them do the right thing for their patients too. He also volunteers his time to provide free medical care to pregnant women.  After work hours and weekends, Joe spends quality time with Tabitha and Jen.   They go to the Gathering Place, play outside, and read books. 

Jen works from home part-time in human resources for a large hospital helping people find jobs that make them happy.  She is good at helping people feel welcome, loved, and cared for. She is involved with a women’s church group and recently started play dates with a group at our church so that Tabitha has regular play time with other kids her age.  She loves practicing her faith, art, being with others, and having fun.    Tabitha loves to help Jen cook, read books, color, and play with art supplies and Play-Doh.   

We try to be the best parents we can!  We want to love a child and help them to become the best version of themselves.  We will go fun places like the zoo and read together at night.  During the day they can do fun art projects and go to parks to play with Jen.  We want to help them with homework and things that will help them in life.  We will work hard to help them find their strengths and talents.  We will do our best to give them everything they need.

We want you to know how excited we are that you are thinking about us for your baby.  If you decide on us, we would raise your son or daughter as our very own and they would know about you.  We will teach them that their birthmom is a woman who is courageous, loving, and strong.  We would raise them to know and love the Lord, to be kind to others, and to find things they can do to bring good into the world in their own way.  If you decide we are the right family, we would be forever grateful, honored, and proud to start our family because of your decision.

We are looking forward to meeting you.  You and your child are in our prayers. Please pray for us too, as we stand on Christ’s promise that He will work ALL things for good for those who love Him. 


Joe and Jen