Meet Jakeb & Chelsea

“Your selfless gift will be a lifelong blessing to our family."
Jakeb & Chelsea

Dear Expectant Mother,

We have no doubt that God crossed our paths for a beautiful reason. Your selfless gift will be a lifelong blessing to our family. We know that we cannot begin to feel the same emotions you are currently experiencing or will in the future, but it is our prayer that God will comfort your heart on this journey. We believe adoption is a beautiful gift as we are ALL adopted into God’s family through His Son, Jesus. Ephesians 1:5 says, “In love, He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will.” Thank you for choosing adoption and demonstrating the upmost act of love.

We are Jakeb and Chelsea and have been married for nine years. God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy, Hunter, in June of 2018. Our greatest joy in life is getting to be parents. 2019 brought many hardships in the family including a large mass being discovered on Chelsea’s liver shortly after childbirth, most likely hormone related. This led to Chelsea undergoing a liver surgery where 60% of her liver was removed. However, through life’s struggles, God pulled us through every situation and grew our foundation. This ultimately led to our decision of adoption to complete our family.

We have always talked about our desire to have at least two children. From the time we first met, Jakeb always knew he wanted to adopt a child. After the events of 2019, God laid a strong conviction on Chelsea’s heart for the path of adoption. The more we prayed as a family, the clearer the path was paved.

We are blessed with a bunch of family in a close proximity that are always willing to help. As a family, we love to do all kinds of activities and adventures including family cookouts, being outdoors, fishing in our boat, going to aquariums, waterparks, zoos, riding around in our Ranger, going to football games, and so much more. Jakeb is the Youth Minister at our church and we are very involved with our Youth group. We live in a quiet, family friendly neighborhood with a large fenced in backyard. Our family enjoys any time we can spend with one another making lasting memories.

As parents of your child, we promise to love them unconditionally and raise them in a Christian home. We will always support and encourage them through life’s ups and downs. Your child will be shown love and affection daily. We promise to give your child every opportunity we can to help them to be successful. Open communication will always be encouraged. We will ensure you will always be a part of your child’s story.

Thank you for considering our family the privilege of receiving your beautiful blessing and completing our family. Hunter is so excited to become a big brother. We pray for peace and comfort in your selfless decision for your child. We are so incredibly thankful for you!


Jakeb, Chelsea, and Hunter