DPA Counseling

How We Serve

Our therapists will tailor your services to the needs of the clients and utilize many evidence-based techniques that have been proven to help clients in their therapy journey.  We also believe that therapy is a relationship and that trust is necessary for people to feel safe.  We will work with clients to make sure their therapy sessions meet their needs and help them see progress on their goals to healing.  Below are the common methods we use in our therapeutic relationships.



We want to make therapy accessible and affordable for you.  We accept SoonerCare and private pay clients.  Grant applications are available upon request.

“Deaconess Counseling has been a gift from God to our family. They are a group of trauma informed professionals that have a deep understanding of connection and healing. We are so grateful for their compassion and kindness. Our therapist has a ton of experience with very difficult situations and our kiddos love her.”

“Our family is so grateful for the compassionate and professional care that the DPA Counseling Center has provided. Deaconess’s counselors have helped us navigate some of the complex life challenges faced in all kinds of families, not just families created by adoption. Whether the issue is grief from loss, family conflict, or improved communications and understanding between parents and children, DPA Counseling Center is the first choice for our family.”