Frequently Asked Questions when thinking about adoption.

Do I get to choose the family?

Yes! You tell us what you’re looking for in a family and we will show you profiles of all the families that match your preferences.  You’ll read a letter from them and see pictures of their home and life.  Once you have selected a family, we’ll set up a time for you to meet them in person to make sure you feel comfortable with your decision.  Check out our find a family page to see some of our adoptive families.

How do I know the adoptive family is safe?

This is so important to us! All of our families have been through an extensive background check and interview process to make sure they are a safe and healthy family. We look at FBI, state criminal records, sex offender, and child abuse registries. We also get references from friends and family, medical and financial information, employment references, and conduct a home safety inspection.

Where do your families live?

The majority of our families live in Oklahoma, but we have others that live out of state. You can tell us if you prefer a family in or out of state.

What does adoption cost?

There is no cost to you for the adoption. Our agency services are provided free of charge. When you make an adoption plan, your medical care and that of the baby are covered as well.

What rights does the father of my baby have?

Oklahoma requires that the father of the baby be notified about the adoption, but he does not always have to approve of it. We will work with you to address all the legal requirements for the father.

How much will my child know about me?

This is up to you. You can decide to have a completely confidential adoption where no information is exchanged or you can choose a semi-open or open adoption. All of our adoptive families are willing and ready to have a relationship with you that matches your preferences. A semi-open adoption means you would get pictures and letters from the adoptive families with updates on the child and may also have mediated visits. A fully open adoption means you would have visits without the agency present. Most of our adoptions start out as a semi-open adoption.

Will I get to name my baby?

Yes! You will select a name for the baby’s birth certificate at the hospital. The adoptive family will also choose a name that will be placed on the baby’s amended birth certificate after the adoption is finalized. Your child can request their original birth certificate from the state when they turn 18.

Can I see my baby at the hospital?

Yes! You make all the decisions at the hospital about contact. You can choose to have the baby with you the whole time. Most hospitals will give the adoptive family their own room. You can choose to have the baby be with them or go back and forth between you.

Can my child find me when they are older?

This depends on how confidential you want your adoption to be. For those who chose a semi-open or open adoption, a search is not necessary when your child gets older. If you chose to have a closed adoption, it is possible your child may still be able to find you due to DNA testing available today. Our agency will take all steps available to help protect your identity.