The Facts About Adoption vs Abortion

Unexpected pregnancies are never easy. However, if you’re in a situation where you fear you may not  be able to raise your child, you’re left with an even harder choice – to make an adoption plan or undergo an abortion procedure. With abortion laws changing in Oklahoma and throughout the nation, more women are exploring alternatives to abortion.

Why Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption

It’s no secret that abortions are much more common in the United States than adoptions . In fact, the CDC estimates that more than 600,000 abortions are performed every year. At the same time, there are less than 15,000 adoptions of relinquished infants.

There are many reasons why women may choose this path. Some of the most common include:

  • A belief that abortion is less expensive than placing a child for adoptionWorries about other people finding out about the pregnancy and judging them for not choosing to parent their child
  • A feeling that abortion is a quicker and less emotionally involved solution for an unplanned pregnancy.

The Truth About Abortion and Adoption

Many women think abortion is a simpler and less difficult solution to an unplanned pregnancy than adoption, but the reality is both options can have long-lasting  effects and in most cases, there isn’t an easy solution. However, the amount of support and resources that exists for birth mothers continues to improve. At DPA, we look for ways to support birth mothers in any way we can and that often includes helping educating them on their options. 

Our role is to provide unbiased, unconditional support and information to those facing unplanned pregnancy. There are many misconceptions and even bad practices surrounding the adoption process and we think it’s important for birth mothers to know that our role is to be a loving, supportive resource that helps mothers sort through the complex issues of making the decision to parent or place a child for adoption. 


One of the most frequent misconceptions about abortion is that the cost is less than the cost of adoption. In truth, however, placing your child for adoption is typically  less expensive. This is because the costs of pregnancy and giving birth are covered  of by the adoptive family, while the costs of abortion are almost always your own responsibility. Some insurance plans do cover some of the costs of abortion, but this isn’t something you can always rely on.


Another reason women often turn to abortion  is they may believe it to be a more confidential option than placing a child for adoption. Many women don’t want to face potential judgement from others that could come with choosing not to parent their child and they may view  abortion as a “quick fix” that will allow them to keep their situation a secret. However, adoptions can also be held in confidentiality with the help of an experienced adoption agency.  Registering as a confidential patient at the hospital is just one of the ways to maintain secrecy. 

However, it is becoming less common for women to seek a confidential adoption, because of the increased support available for birth mothers who choose adoption. For example, choosing an open adoption can be extremely healing and therapeutic for birth mothers. You can read more about the facts and benefits of open adoption, here. 

Emotional Well-Being

Finally, some women expect abortion to be less emotional than choosing adoption. In truth, however, many women experience significant mental and emotional side effects after an abortion. It’s also possible for women to have regrets about a decision to place a child for adoption, but in general these women are more satisfied with their choice because they know their child has a better life due to their decision.  Further, open adoption allows continued connection with the child.

There’s no question that there is no easy decision when facing an unexpected pregnancy. Even if you’re not certain of whether you want to place the baby for adoption or parent the baby yourself, you can make that decision in the days after the baby is born.

Placing your child for adoption when you are not able or ready to parent can be an incredibly selfless act of blessing another family.  Giving the gift of parenthood to others who desperately want it and may not be able to have it without adoption can be a strong motivator for many birth moms.  

 Understanding Adoption

Making an adoption plan can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. Sometimes, hearing from other women who have chose adoption can help.  Watch this testimonial from a birth mom and adoptive family that worked with DPA to hear the story of how this birth mother and adoptive couple came together through open adoption. 

If you’re looking for support through the adoption process, DPA is here to help. We also recommend BraveLove as a resource to all expectant moms. This community provides support to birth moms who have placed a child for adoption. It always helps to hear from those who have walked before you and shared similar experiences!

Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about adoption. You can expect to have a confidential, no-pressure conversation with a caring member of the DPA team to talk through your concerns and questions whenever you’re ready.