Counseling. Help. Support.

From our agency’s beginnings in 1900 to today, we have been walking alongside individuals and families facing some of life’s most difficult and joyous experiences.

We recognize that adoption and foster care are not one-time events and many have questions, need support, or a safe place to process.  We want to help all Oklahomans who have been touched by foster care or adoption, attachment needs, infertility, or maternal mental health to find wholeness, hope, and healing.  Our Counseling Center is geared to meet clients where they are and tailor services to their specific needs.  We serve families and individuals of any age across the state of Oklahoma.  Our office is located in Oklahoma City and telehealth is available for those preferring that option.

Who We Serve

All of our services are tailored to the needs of the client and can be provided in individual, family, or group therapy settings.  We serve clients of all ages and love supporting children, teens, adults, and everyone in between.  Our Counseling Center offers both in-person and telehealth options to the state of Oklahoma from our office in Oklahoma City.  Explore the areas we specialize in below:

We know that foster and adoptive families cite mental health services as one of their biggest needs. We have over 120 years of experience walking alongside families and want to help families process hard stories, traumas, or attachment difficulties and find hope and healing.

Attachment is a biological drive for connection that we all have. For those who have experienced difficult childhoods, trauma, or toxic relationships, that desire for connection may look to unhealthy outlets or be difficult to express.  Many individuals and families find themselves struggling to improve their relationships and connect with others on a deeper level.  Our therapists are trained in attachment theory and can help clients identify their attachment style and give them hands-on tools to improve relationships and find healing.

The struggle of infertility is multi-layered and often involves the loss of dreams, long periods of waiting, and difficult medical procedures. For couples walking this path, the grief and loneliness can sometimes feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to communicate well with a partner.  Our therapists provide a safe place for couples to process all the emotions involved and find support and hope in their journey.

The path of motherhood is filled with many joys but also can bring experiences of pain for women who have had to deal with miscarriage or pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, or ongoing anxiety about all the decisions parenting brings. We offer a supportive and caring environment for women to find hope whether they are just starting out as a new mom or have been walking the journey for many years.

“Deaconess Counseling has been a gift from God to our family. They are a group of trauma informed professionals that have a deep understanding of connection and healing. We are so grateful for their compassion and kindness. Our therapist has a ton of experience with very difficult situations and our kiddos love her.”

“Our family is so grateful for the compassionate and professional care that the DPA Counseling Center has provided. Deaconess’s counselors have helped us navigate some of the complex life challenges faced in all kinds of families, not just families created by adoption. Whether the issue is grief from loss, family conflict, or improved communications and understanding between parents and children, DPA Counseling Center is the first choice for our family.”