Meet Corey & Adrienne

“We know that we can’t fully understand everything you are going through and feeling right now, but we want you to know that we care for you and hope that you can find peace in this decision."
Corey & Adrienne


Our names are Corey and Adrienne, and we are very thankful that you are reading this letter. We know that you are making a very brave, loving,  and difficult decision for you and your child.  We know that we can’t fully understand everything you are going through and feeling right now, but we want you to know that we care for you and hope that you can find peace in this decision.

We have been married for about 6 and a half years. We met during college, dated for four years, then married in 2016. We both grew up in Oklahoma and recently bought a home in the Oklahoma City area. Our families still live in Oklahoma, and we hope to spend many more years here. We have both always wanted children, and we have spent many years dreaming about what our family might be like. In 2020, we decided we wanted to start our family. We had what we thought was a great plan and timeline for this, but we soon realized that God had something different in mind. We spent most of 2021 going to a lot of medical appointments, going through testing, and meeting with fertility doctors. At the end of 2021, we found out that we likely will not be able to have biological children. This was heartbreaking news for us, and it took awhile for us to process this life-changing information.

In the beginning of 2022, we decided that we wanted to start our journey to adopt a child. This is something we had talked about before, even while dating, we just didn’t know at the time exactly what that would look like for our family. We both feel that adoption has been in our hearts and on our minds for a long time. Corey has two cousins who were adopted, and he has been especially impacted by that.

We both know that our lives will forever be changed when a child becomes part of our family. We have been hoping and praying for this change for a very long time, and we both feel as ready as we can be to be parents. We know that it will be different, and we will have a lot to learn, but we also know that we can trust God throughout it all. We have been through a lot of life changes together, including good times and hard times, and we have seen our marriage get stronger through it. We make a good team and plan to parent as a team, learning together and making decisions together.

We both have always loved children and we feel very open to having one or more children in our family.  Adrienne is a pediatric physical therapist, so she spends time with children every day, ages ranging from babies to teenagers. Corey loves being an uncle to our two nephews, and he is also called “Uncle Corey” by several of our friends’ children. We both greatly enjoy spending time with our nephews and friends’ children and we have loved watching them grow and learn over the years. We can’t wait to share our love and life with our child, including spending time with our families, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and having plenty of adventures together.

We know that we will have a lot of support from our family and friends when we have a child in our family. We live very close to Corey’s parents and siblings, and know that they will help us with whatever we need. Adrienne’s parents live about two hours away, and they are very excited and planning to help us as well. We also have several good friends close by. Our family and friends have been alongside us as we have gone through wanting to start a family, experiencing infertility, and going through the adoption process. They are all very supportive and so excited for us! They continually remind us that our child will be very loved.

We are hopeful that our future child can have a relationship with you. We want to raise our child knowing that they are very loved and cared for, and that you are a very important part of who they are. We hope that our relationship with you can grow over time, and that our child can get to know you through multiple in-person visits and letters or emails throughout the year. We also are open to how that may change and evolve over time. We want you to be a part of our child’s life and we want them to know you. We plan to continually remind them how much they are loved by us and their birth family.

Throughout the past couple of years, we have learned more than ever to trust God and His plans for our life. This has not always been easy, but we have a great hope that He has something wonderful planned. We have been praying for you and our future child. Adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. God has adopted us into His family as a son and a daughter and we hope that we can welcome a child into our family as He has welcomed us. We couldn’t imagine a more amazing blessing than this. 



Corey and Adrienne