Meet Colin & Kayla

“No matter what you decide, you are an important part of your child’s life and they will always know that."
Colin & Kayla


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We realize this is an emotional time for you and we respect the difficult decisions you are facing. There is so much we want to say, but we hope this letter gives you some insight into who we are and what your child’s life would look like if you choose us.

We met at our mutual friends’ Christmas party & have been married 6 years. Kayla is a dietitian at a public school and Colin is a high school teacher & football coach. One of the things we love most is traveling. We can’t wait until we can take kids with us one day. 

Family is really big for us. We are blessed to have close relationships with both sets of our parents. Between us, we have 4 sisters and 3 brothers, plus their spouses & kids. Our nieces and nephew call us “Coco & Kayka.” Kayla’s mom is retired and plans to keep our kids while we are at work. We truly have the most loving & supportive family and friends.

Infertility is part of our story. We have always wanted kids and waiting for them has been one of the hardest things we have ever done. The waiting has strengthened our faith and marriage. We’ve grown a lot individually and as a couple, so it’s been a difficult, but beautiful road. 

That’s also how we feel about adoption – it’s difficult and beautiful at the same time. We know it’s not easy for you and it’s not a decision we take lightly. The magnitude of you bringing a baby into this world and entrusting us with him or her would never be lost on us. We will love and cherish your baby, and we will support your relationship with him or her as well.

We do have an adoption story very near and dear to us. We are Godparents to our 6-year old nephew, who Colin’s sister adopted. Our relationship with him has shown us just how beautiful adoption is. He is loved by us and our entire family more than we could ever say. 

When we picture having kids, we see dinners around the table, unconditional love and a house that always feels like their safe place. We look forward to football games on Friday nights, making breakfast together on Saturdays, and church every Sunday. Going on vacation (the beach, the mountains, or one of the great cities) & lots of time with family and friends will be some of the most treasured experiences life will bring us.

We have been praying & waiting for a child for over 5 years. Our experience with adoption has felt like a roller coaster so far. A birth mom has chosen us twice, both times with beautiful, perfect little girls. 

The first time we were matched, we spent 5 days in the hospital with who we hoped would be our daughter. The second time, we brought a second daughter home from the hospital & we had her in our home for 2 amazing weeks. The mothers changed their minds both times.

Being matched both times was a complete dream come true & losing the option to parent both girls has been so hard as our hearts were broken in ways we never imagined possible when we started this journey. The days we spent with both girls have been the best days of our lives and we look forward to giving all of our love again.

We never got to meet either girls’ birth mom and we would love the opportunity to meet you. However, we understand & respect whatever decision you make about when or if you want to have a relationship with us. No matter what you decide, you are an extremely important part of your child’s life and they will always know that. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our hearts a little bit. 


With love, 

Colin & Kayla