Meet Chris & Sarah

“We want to serve you and this baby as far as the openness of adoption."
Chris & Sarah

Dear Expectant Mother,

We hope it gives you a glimpse into our family and our journey to this point. We look forward to welcoming a new life into our family through adoption and we want to thank you for considering us! We believe it has taken true courage for you to come to the place of choosing to seek out a loving family for your little one.

Chris grew up in northern California and he is stable, fun, and generous. He works hard, enjoys being active, and is great at reading books out loud to the rest of us. Sarah grew up in Oklahoma City and she loves people: helping us thrive as a family and keeping us connected with our friends and extended family. She has chosen not to work outside the home, which allows her to devote time and energy to hosting, helping Alexa with schoolwork, and investing in the lives of friends. A new family member will be a welcome addition to her days at home! She enjoys baking, traveling, and playing games. Alexa is eleven years old and full of fun! She enjoys playing basketball and piano, drawing, singing, reading, and creating different worlds with her toys.

Chris’ marriage to Kelsey, Alexa’s biological mother, is an important part of our story. Kelsey died when Alexa was four years old after battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After three years as a family of two, Chris and Alexa welcomed Sarah into the family when Sarah married Chris four years ago. Sarah officially adopted Alexa in 2019 and is thankful for the lessons learned in becoming a wife and mom! We continue to treasure the gift of Kelsey’s life and the ways her story impacts our family.

Part of what has led us to consider adoption is our struggle with infertility. However, we have always appreciated the idea of adoption. As Christians, we believe adoption is a beautiful picture of what God has done for us through faith in Jesus Christ – making us His children and fully welcoming us into His family. We also have friends and family members who have adopted, so it is familiar to us. We long to grow our family through adoption and trust the Lord to make our family what He wants it to be! Adoption has already impacted our family in rich ways as Sarah adopted Alexa.

We know there are many joys, challenges, and changes which come in raising children. Parenting Alexa has been helpful preparation. Chris and Sarah are consistently around children: welcoming families into their home {for dinner, baby-sitting, etc.); playing with and loving many nieces and nephews; and caring for children at church. Alexa has joined them – growing in enjoying young children and becoming more comfortable around them. Our family recently walked through a disrupted adoption after a baby boy was with us for five weeks. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking, but we trust he was with us for a reason and there is another baby for us to welcome into our home soon. We will cherish a child of any ethnicity- knowing each life is uniquely made in God’s image. We love children and look forward to loving and treasuring a new life in our family!

We want to serve you and this baby as far as the openness of adoption. Our initial thought would be sharing pictures often and meeting once every four months, but we are glad to discuss.

The life you are considering a home for is incredibly valuable. Your life is also incredibly valuable! May the Lord bless your choice of life and guide you in choosing a family for this child.

Chris & Sarah