Meet Casey & Sara

“As we write this, we hope that you feel strong and encouraged. We hope that each of these letters that you come across will only bless you. No matter where your child lives, please know you are the bravest person they will ever know."
Casey & Sara

Dear Bravest of Women,

We do not know you and realize that we may never have that chance.  Please know; however, that you are being covered in prayer.  As we write this, we hope that you feel strong and encouraged.  We hope that each of these letters that you come across will only bless you.  No matter where your child lives, please know you are the bravest person they will ever know.  You and this precious baby are loved, important, and wanted.  If we are trusted as a home and family for a child, we will often speak of their birth mother’s courage and love that welcomed them into this world.  Thank you for taking a moment to hear our story. 

I, Casey, was raised by missionaries in South America. I spent 9 years in Venezuela and 7 in Ecuador. During my time there, I was able to see the Lord move powerfully in these countries and build His kingdom. It was then that I surrendered to Christ as my Savior and King. In the years that have followed I have worked hard to grow as a Godly man and advocate for those around me.  A few years after college, I discovered the incredible adventure of teaching and have been doing so for six years. I hope to teach the rest of my career. My primary joy; however, is centered around my home. My wife, Sara, and daughter, Charlie, are my favorite things and I love spending each day with them and for them. 

I, Sara, was born and raised in Oklahoma.  I have two older sisters who I am close with and see often.  I was not raised in a religious home, but God revealed His goodness and grace to me in an undeniable way that led me to salvation.  I met Casey in college and had admired him as a close friend and leader in our community for several years before we started dating.  Somehow, God saw fit for me to marry the best man I’ve ever known.  We have been very happily married since 2016.  Marriage really is like looking through a keyhole at Heaven.  Casey’s love and gentleness has been my rock in many challenging seasons of life.  Life with Casey is made even sweeter with our daughter, Charlie.  She is curious and nurturing; sunshine wrapped up in a tiny person.  I work with children and young adults to help them be able to communicate better.  I love seeing something click for a student for the first time!  Both of our jobs provide time for us to put the first things first and really prioritize time as a family well.

We have had a daughter for almost two years now.  She is our delight!  We know that adding another child to our life will change it and we welcome these changes.  Parenting has been a challenge many days, but has always been worth it.  As we both work full time outside the home, our children will go to daycare.  We currently are in love with ours and they treat educators wonderfully.  They currently care for the majority of our nieces and nephews.  We love that we are able to support a black, women-owned business in this way and know this daycare will be a wonderful, safe, exciting space for any future children we are blessed with.

We have had wonderful chances to encounter many cultures and ethnicities in our lives.  We have both spent time in other countries making friends everywhere we go.  We also work in communities that are very diverse.  We will cherish any child we are entrusted with and spend the rest of our lives learning and celebrating all the history that they carry within them.

When we first considered adoption as the next step in growing our family, the relationship with birth parents seemed intimidating. However, the more we have learned and the more we have listened, we have found that what is best for everyone is for relationship with birth parents to continue.  We want to do what you are comfortable with and will respect your desired level of involvement as that may change in different seasons of life.  It is our hope to do everything in our power to celebrate and promote this relationship.  We are committed to spending the rest of our journey as parents meeting the unique needs of each of our children, including ongoing relationships with their first family. 

We recognize the weight of this decision and want to honor you in every step of it.  We have been praying for you and this growing child for years.  It is our hope that you will listen to your heart and make the best decision you can for yourself and your child.  We would be honored if you would consider allowing us to join your family.  


With much honor and love, 

Casey and Sara