Meet Brian & Bethany

“We’ve been praying that someone like you would find us for a long time now.“
Brian & Bethany

Dear Expectant Mother,

 I’m a teacher and Brian is a graphic designer. We love living in Midtown, Oklahoma City in a cute three bedroom house. We’ve always planned to adopt, so now we’re searching for our perfect match: A child to love and raise.

We want to tell you so much in this letter- all about us, and the vision we have for a family. We wish this letter could somehow tell us about you, too. We’ve been praying that someone like you would find us for a long time now.

We’d like to talk with you about an ongoing relationship- we know that you’ll do what you decide is best when it comes to keeping in touch, and we’ll work to find a level of openness that makes us both comfortable.

As we grow our family, we don’t plan to have biological children, but we do plan to adopt a few more! We’ll have support from our family, friends, and church. My family is big, and scattered across the US, but Brian’s parents live just two hours away.

Brian and I will parent with lots of love. We want to be positive and encouraging, but firm. I believe that home should be a safe place, full of music and silliness, and good stories. Mostly, we just want to raise a kind, honest, hard-working young man or woman.

At our church, we recite a statement of belief every week. We say, “We have been adopted into the grace of God”. We believe, and we’re learning to trust, that God has plans to make amazing things happen. One of those really amazing things will be a new life in the world- a life we’ve yearned for and already love.

We love you a bushel and a peck,
and a hug around the neck,

Bethany and Brian