The Benefits of Adoption Counseling for Children & Families

November is National Adoption Month, and we here at Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption are dedicated to helping adopted children and adoptive families in every way we can. One of the biggest ways we help kids and families is through our Connect Counseling Center, which provides adoption counseling services to anyone who needs them.

Not sure whether you or your family would benefit from adoption counseling? Here are a few of the ways counseling can help adopted children and adoptive families:

How Counseling Can Help Your Family

Help Navigating the Adoption Process

When you’re just starting your adoption journey, it can be tough to know who to trust and where to turn for help. Adoption counselors don’t just help kids – they can also give you advice for dealing with the challenges and obstacles of adoption itself. Whether you need help deciding what’s right for you and your family or support in making tough choices, your counselor can help coordinate and provide services before and throughout your adoption.

Experience and Expertise

Every adoption is unique and is unlike many other life situations families face. That means it’s important to have a counselor with plenty of experience working through those adoption challenges. Adoption counselors work with pregnant women, adoptive families, and children in a variety of adoption situations. This gives them a strong background that helps them offer provide appropriate guidance and allows them to understand your challenges.

Better Relationships Between Families

One major benefit of going to an adoption counselor is that they can help facilitate a better relationship between the adoptive and the birth family. Adoption counselors can help sort out logistics, and they can also help you solve issues or face challenges that might seem overwhelming on your own. Adoption counselors can also offer children a way to cope with the reality of their family situation and help solve behavioral and psychological issues.

Private Mentoring and Guidance

Whether you need counseling for yourself or your child needs therapy to deal with adoption, a specialized adoption counselor can provide thoughtful and private support. Often kids have trouble expressing their issues to parents, whether it be because of embarrassment, different perspectives, or fear of hurting feelings. Presenting children with private therapy sessions allows them to express their inner feelings without worry.

Lasting Relationships

A final benefit of using an adoption counselor is that it can provide a lasting, reliable “safe place” for you and your child to turn to. A good counselor can be trusted to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for you to work out your issues. Many counselors become trusted, lasting resources for the families they work with and help adopted children and families many times over the years.

How to Access Adoption Counseling in Oklahoma

If you or your family have been touched by adoption or foster care in Oklahoma, our counseling center is here for you. Visit the Connect Counseling website today to learn more about our services, who we serve, and how you can access our counseling and care.

For more adoption help, advice, and service, Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption is here for you. As Oklahoma’s oldest and most experienced adoption agency, we’ve served thousands of children, women, and families and worked through every part of the adoption process. Call us today at 405-949-4200 to learn more, or visit our Facebook page for our most recent news and updates.