Meet Anthony & Rachel

“Thank you for making the choice of life and be confident that no matter which family you choose, your child will be unconditionally loved."
Anthony & Rachel

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Although we have not met you, we have been praying for you. We ask God to give you the strength and wisdom to get through this period of your life and to give you peace in knowing you have made a wonderful decision in placing your child.

We have enjoyed married life together for the last 10 years. We have no children of our own, but we have always considered adoption . For the last few years we have strongly felt the Lord leading us to pursue adoption and found Deaconess through our church. We see this as an opportunity not just to grow our family, but to provide a loving, nurturing home for a child.

Anthony works for the Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball team as the Director of Video and Game Presentation. He oversees any entertainment at the games besides the actual baseball game. It is an exciting job! In his free time Anthony likes working out, watching movies, collecting all things Superman, hanging out with friends, and spending time with Rachel and their two dogs.

Rachel is a former elementary school teacher, currently working as a manager at Dicks Sporting Goods. She oversees the apparel and footwear departments at her store and enjoys being able to work with and get to know a diverse group of people. In her free time Rachel likes to work out, read, spend time with friends, and go on dates with Anthony.

In working for sports companies, athletics and fitness are a big part of our lives. We both played a variety of sports growing up and valued the way they brought our families together. These days we enjoy staying healthy together in the gym or outdoors and watching or attending sporting events. Our families are very tight-knit and we enjoy spending quality time with them celebrating birthdays and holidays, playing games, going to theme parks and various outdoor activities. Anthony has one brother and four sisters and a large extended family, mostly located in Chicago. Rachel has two brothers living nearby in Oklahoma and a large extended family in Florida. We also have two loveable dogs that we enjoy spending time with and spoiling.

We truly admire you for making the difficult choice of adoption and believe the Lord will bless your decision. If you choose us as your family, we look forward to meeting you and to including you in the child’s life as much as you are comfortable. We do not take lightly the privilege and responsibility it is to love and raise him or her and would be blessed and honored to be chosen. Thank you for making the choice of life and be confident that no matter which family you choose, your child will be unconditionally loved!


Anthony and Rachel