Meet Andrew & Merideth

“We are so grateful for your bravery and for allowing a lucky couple to grow their family through adoption.”
Andrew & Merideth

Dear Birth Mother and Birth Family,

First and foremost, we so admire your beautiful witness of courage and love in choosing life for your child. We are so grateful for your bravery and for allowing a lucky couple to grow their family through adoption. We are incredibly honored to be considered as possible adoptive parents of your child. We have long desired to become parents, and we see the Lord’s faithfulness in bringing us to adoption as the way to grow our family.

I (Merideth) grew up in Edmond, OK and graduated from Edmond Memorial High School and Oklahoma State University. I moved to Nashville in 2014 for graduate school and there met Andrew. I enjoyed teaching at an all-girls Catholic high school in Nashville. I have one younger sister and two loving parents. I enjoy many activities and hobbies, including reading, hiking, cooking/baking, and time with family and friends. As a teacher, I have always loved being around children, and from a young age, dreamed of one day being a mom to my own children. Andrew and I have the privilege of being godparents to a couple of friends’ daughters (and Andrew is a godparent to his cousin’s son, too), and it has been such a gift to me to see how great of a dad Andrew will be with our own children. Although I have enjoyed teaching, I have the great blessing of being able to stay home with our little ones. I can’t wait to be a mom full-time!

I (Andrew) grew up in the Kansas City area with my parents and two younger brothers. (We’re all four years apart from each other). After graduating from a public high school, I went to a small college in northeastern Kansas, where I studied theology, philosophy, and business. After finishing my master’s degree, I began my career in Catholic healthcare at a small human services agency in Kansas City’ inner-city. From there, my career took me to Nashville – the job was great, but meeting Merideth was even better! Many of my hobbies and passions align with Merideth’s…but switch out “cooking/baking” for “running,” and add in college football! I have a very large extended family, so kids have always been a big part of my life, and I’ve always wanted to be a dad. (My own dad set a great example for me.) One of the many reasons I fell in love with Merideth is because we wanted to raise a family together, and I know she will be an incredible mom!

We got married in 2017, and in 2019 moved to Oklahoma City to be closer to our families. A big part of this decision was the desire to be closer to them if the Lord ever blessed us with a child, because we want his or her grandparents, aunts, and uncles to be an active part of their life. We’ve been open to growing our family from the day we got married. We’ve struggled with infertility – which has brought with it hormonal treatments, surgery, new diets, and a lot of heartache – and after lots of prayer, we decided to give God the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for considering being an integral part of that story!

We are open to multi-racial adoption. We live in the city and attend a fairly diverse Catholic church in our neighborhood. If we adopt a child of a different race, we want to help him or her know and cherish the culture they share with their birth family. We will teach them to be proud of their heritage and do everything we can to help them to find meaningful connections to cultural activities and traditions.

We hope to have an open relationship with you as the birth mother and other members of the birth family. Above all, we know how important this is to the child, and we trust that our family life would be enriched through a relationship with you. We hope that through Deaconess, we can grow an open and trusting relationship with the birth family that benefits the child for their entire life.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your baby. We pray for all birth mothers every day. Know how much we admire your courage in giving your child the gift of life and thank you for your beautiful generosity in helping a family grow through adoption.

                                                                      With love and prayer,

                                                                      Merideth and Andrew