Meet Adrian & Monique

“Though we haven’t met you, we have been praying for you & your precious baby’s well-being...”
Adrian & Monique

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so excited you chose our profile to review. Though we haven’t met you, we have been praying for you & your precious baby’s well-being, health, peace & joy. We know choosing a family for your baby may be difficult & confusing and have been praying for every step you take as you embark on this process. We thank God for how courageous, strong and brave you are, to be considering adoption as an option to bless others with a precious gift of life.

We both are military brats and had to adapt quickly to the world being our home, not just one city, state or country. We met in Graduate School getting our Master’s degrees, and started dating towards the end of our program. We had no idea we’d end up falling in love and getting married. We dated long distance for a few years after graduating. Then on one beautiful Christmas day we got engaged. And the rest is history, we got married, started our careers and begin our journey of starting family.

Since the moment we married, we wanted to start a family and become parents. After many emotionally & physically challenging years of trying to get pregnant through special procedures & medications it just didn’t happen. With very heavy hearts, we continued to seek God for answers why us, why can’t we conceive, will we conceive later? After much prayer, we knew we were meant to adopt.

That brings us to where we are now. Excitedly, awaiting to connect with someone like you- so courageous, so fearfully and wonderfully made with a heart willing to share such a precious gift of the life of your little one with us. Watching them grow, helping them through any situation by showing them love, enjoying spending precious memories that fast a lifetime is just part of the joy we are looking forward to as parents.

We are so blessed to have such great and supportive family & friends, a beautiful home and great jobs. Our friends and family have been in our corner since the day we made the decision to adopt, learning and going through every step of this new exciting process with us.
We recently built a new home with a family in mind, we have a 5-bedroom home nestled in a very family friendly neighborhood. We are close to biking and walking paths, and only 20 minutes from the city where there are endless restaurants, theatres, parks, shopping and large sport arenas.

We both have very flexible jobs. Monique works from home as a Director of Event Operations – Event Planning Consultant and Adrian works as a Director of Lean Innovation – Solar & Emerging Renewables. We both are super excited to take off extended time to bond with and welcome baby home. After we have had a chance to bond with baby each of our parents are taking turns to come and spend a few weeks with us to help support us.

Again, we thank you for choosing to review our profile. We know choosing adoption is not an easy decision and we will continue to pray for peace & comfort for you through this entire process. Thank you for considering us & giving us the gift of HOPE.

With thankful hearts,

Adrian & Monique